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What are the Advantages of a Routine Dental Exam? Calabasas CA

Tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other oral problems are caused by the accumulation of bacteria-harboring plaque and tartar. Regular brushing and flossing are not enough to remove all the plaque hiding in hard to reach areas. Fortunately, a routine dental exam and cleaning can help to get rid of the disease-causing bacteria and in the process, prevent most issues from arising in the first place, or to stop them in their earliest stages before they become severe and expensive to treat. 

Teeth cleanings are usually done together with comprehensive dental exams. In most cases, dentists are able to detect potential problems before you’re able to see or feel them. With a regular preventative dental appointment for professional cleaning and routine dental exam, you can successfully stave off gum disease and decay, as well as to detect the early stages of oral health problems for timely intervention before they become severe, painful, uncomfortable, and expensive to treat. 

Some of the things you can expect from any routine dental exam include:

  • Oral Examination – the dentist examines your teeth/gums/mouth for existing cavities, worn dentition, damaged fillings or other restorations, gum disease, and other problems 
  • Discuss Your Dental Goals – After examining your mouth, the dentist will recommend the necessary treatments to address any urgent problems depending on the health of your mouth. In addition, the dentist will ask you a few questions about your goals or expectations in terms of improving the function or aesthetic of your smile. 
  • Treatment Planning – Based on your goals, your dental health, and the results of your examination, the dentist will come up with an appropriate treatment plan that addresses your unique dental needs and discuss it with you. In many cases, there are multiple ways to address any specific issue (fillings or crowns; bridgework or partial denture), so it’s important that you ask questions for clarification and to make an informed decision towards achieving your dental goals. 

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Your natural teeth should last a lifetime, but only if you take good care of them. This requires a good at-home dental care routine and regular dental exams and professional cleanings. Call your dentist in Calabasas CA today to get back on track with your oral health.