The Scope of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry procedures include any treatments or surgeries that change how your teeth look. Cosmetic teeth-whitening and veneer applications are popular examples. Cosmetic dentists can completely revamp your smile by closing gaps, repairing chips, and even replacing missing or diseased teeth.

Below are just a few of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available to patients in and around the Calabasas area:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is arguably the most common cosmetic dental procedure. It is also the simplest treatment with a number of options for in-office or at-home teeth bleaching. For instant results, you should consider in-office whitening options. We will start by cleaning your teeth to remove the plaque, calculus, and other debris on the surface of your teeth. Afterwards, they will be bleached to give you a lighter shade. You may also need an at-home bleaching kit to maintain your sparkling smile.

Dental Crowns

Crowns or tooth caps are tooth-colored porcelain enclosures that are placed around badly broken or heavily filled teeth to restore their strength and appearance.

Dental Bridges

Replacing missing teeth can be done easily with the use of dental bridges, ceramic restorations made with false teeth called pontics fused to crowns on each side. They can be bonded over the adjacent teeth for support.

Non-Metal Dental Implants

Implants are the best tooth replacement option that gives you a prosthetic tooth that is nearly as strong as your natural teeth. They can also be used together with dentures or bridges depending on the number of teeth that need replacing. We will place the implant (titanium screw) into your jawbone, and allow it to bond with the bone for a few month. Afterwards, the crown or denture can be placed.


Orthodontic alternatives such as Invisalign have taken the dentistry field by storm. Instead of dealing with traditional metal bracket and wire braces, patients can now realign their teeth with clear aligner trays for a faster, more discreet treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers refer to ultra-thin sheets of medical-grade ceramic material that are cemented to the front surface of your teeth to correct a number of cosmetic dental problems, including cracked or chips, crooked teeth, severe stains, and even noticeable spaces between teeth. The thickness of each layer of veneers is customized to suit the specific needs of each tooth to give you a uniform look.

Dental Bonding

An alternative to porcelain veneers is dental bonding. This is faster, more economical, and can provide patients with a solution to broken teeth or gaps in the smile.

Getting Started with your Cosmetic Treatment

If you’re ready to face the world with a gorgeous new smile, an experienced dentist will examine your teeth and offer various treatment options for improving their appearance. He or she can also answer any of your questions about potential results and what to expect during treatment and recovery.