Types of Dental Emergencies

Any oral problem that needs urgent attention because of the severity of the symptoms or threat posed to your health and wellbeing may be considered a dental emergency. Most dental emergencies are due to trauma to the tooth or mouth, though they can also be caused by an infection.

Some cases that may need immediate and/or urgent dental care include:

As you wait to see the dentist, you can try to ease the pain by taking over-the-counter pain medicine, or holding an pack of ice against your face at the origin of the pain. Avoid any heat as it could make the pain worse.

Chipped or broken tooth
There are several treatments to restore broken teeth depending on the severity, including filling, crown, and root canal, if the nerves have become exposed.

Knocked out tooth
A permanent tooth that has been knocked out can be successfully put back within 10 minutes. The longer it stays out, the lower the chances. If the tooth is clean, simply put it in its socket as you wait to see the dentist. If there’s a risk of swallowing it, put it in some cold milk and go to the dentist as soon as possible.

An infection around the tooth’s root or gum line can be very painful. It can also cause swelling in the soft tissues. An abscess should be treated immediately to stop the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Broken dental appliance
Broken braces and wires can injure the soft tissues in your mouth, cause bleeding, and make it difficult to speak and eat. Damaged appliances should be fixed immediately to avoid injuries or a situation where the treatment begins to reverse because of stopping the treatment prematurely.

Other Emergencies
Keep in mind that injuries to the face that result in broken bones and teeth should be treated as medical emergencies. The help of a dentist can be sought after the patient is out of danger. If you suddenly find yourself in need of a dentist due to a dental or oral accident, dental emergency services can help you deal with the excruciating pain, uncontrolled bleeding, or embarrassment due to the loss of a tooth for quick relief.

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